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Management Services and Activities

The CAGAA contracts with Levine Management Group, Inc. (LMG) to provide property management for GAV. LMG Is a full-service, third-party real estate management company specializing in both conventional and affordable apartment communities in Southern California. MG maintains documentation for audits, code enforcement and HUD compliance; performs annual recertification for subsidized properties; advises residents of rules, regulations and policies related to subsidized housing; responds to resident questions and concerns; coordinates property maintenance; and collects monthly rent.

Weekly Activities

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Computer Classes

  • The goal of the weekly computer class is to engage, train and support older adults to access internet-based information and technology in order to improve their social engagement/connectedness. The benefits for seniors are engaging with their families and friends using social media, playing online games, watching television, and more. With those benefits, seniors can experience and enjoy the online world.


Exercise Group

  • Regular exercise provides a myriad of health benefits, including improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar management, reduced amounts of lipids in the blood, better bone and joint health, and long-term preservation of neuro-cognitive function. The goal of the weekly exercise class is to enhance residents’ physical functioning, like health promotion and disease prevention so that residents can enjoy their life at GAV.


Tai Chi Classes

  • Tai Chi is an extremely slow, repetitive format of exercise that helps seniors in expanding their body towards limits, providing more mobility in their everyday activities. Those who would take this gentle aerobic exercise can have a drastic difference in improving the conditions of the body and situations that they might have.



  • The goal of the weekly Karaoke program is to enhance the experience for seniors in relaxing and enjoyment in this fun activity. Seniors will experience the benefits like stress relief, expansion in their lungs, and of course enjoyment, along with interactions with other people.


English Classes

  • GAV residents are mostly first-generation immigrants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The goal of the weekly English class is to help residents master basic living English, such as taking the bus, asking for translations, or asking for directions, to foster independence in daily living.

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